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Text Based Ai Chatbot Order Options

  • The plans are designed to align with your expectations and business needs requirements.

  • Set up fee to professionally train & prepare your Ai Chatbot followed by a maintenance/conversation usage fee.

  • Choose the right plan as appropriate depending on your business needs, your expectations and our stated deliverables.

  • When the order is being processed, we will require some additional information depending on the plan Level:

  • Eg Your product URL, price and Description. If not ready with all the information, just complete the check out and we will follow up.


We will be in touch.



  • The Subscription Guide Videos explains all the Ai Chatbot subscription options.

  • The FAQ should address the rest.

  • Speak with our Live AI Agent on ‭‭+61 2 8105 5958‬‬. (call charges outside Australia)

Knowledge Trained

Personality Infused

  • Text Based Knowledge Trained Ai Chatbot

    Every month
    +USD 5,000 Text Ai Chatbot Set-Up, Custom Training
    Suitable for Small Business : Curated specialist knowledge & personality
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Basic Knowledge Training on your Business, Website, Products
    • Pick Basic Personality Profiling of common personality types
    • Chat Testing on conventional conversational scenarios.
    • You test it on our website first prior to deployment
    • We create Code Snippet for you to add to header of your site
    • 1 Message Credit = 1 GPT 3.5 Message Response from the Ai.
    • 10 Message Credits = 1 GPT 4 Turbo Message Responses.
    • 25 Message Credits = 1 GPT 4 Message Responses.
    • 2,000 Message Credits / Month. You can start with GPT 3.5
    • Add 2,000 Message Credits monthly on $40/M on Annual Plan
    • OR Add 4,000 Message Credits monthly at $60/M on Annual Plan
    • Secure Stripe Gateway Payment
    • Upgrade to on-going training & analytics available
    • Appointment Scheduler from Chatbot to your Google Calendar
    • After Checking out, check your email for more instructions
    • Enterprise Clients
  • Voice & Phone Enabled Ai Agent

    Every month
    +USD 5,000 Voice Calling Ai Telephony Agent
    Custom Trained Ai Colleague for Verbal & Phone Conversation in real time
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Custom Personality. Trained on your business/products
    • Choose voice tone/style, male/female after check out
    • Call forwarding to a human staff as required during call
    • Call Logs: Voice Recording, Summary and Verbatim Transcripts
    • Language offered English. Roadmap: Mandarin, Thai
    • $0.30 per minute of Live Phone Call Usage
    • Secure Stripe Gateway Payment
    • Includes 120 Minutes per month of use.
    • Upgrade a month-month plan for additional minutes. Just ask.
    • Upgrade or Downgrade every month as your requirements change
    • After Checking out, check your email for more instructions
    • OPTIONAL Consulting : Fine Tune your AI Model & Analytics
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