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Ai Generated Video Presenters : Custom Ai Chatbots

Speaks your Messages : 24/7 Perfectly EVERY TIME

Professionally Scripted  Video about your Products, Features & Benefits




Imagine a series of Explainers for each of your Product Category .. as narrated through an AI-assisted, professionally crafted video that's concise, engaging, and to the point.

Walk visitors through one or several 60-second Explainer Videos that starts with a warm welcome, orienting your users around the unique ecosystem of your product category. 

Story telling your Brand offerings consists of more than 1 explainer video as you want to make it easy and straightforward for customers to make a decision along their customer journey,

Now for each one of your products highlight the innovation and craftsmanship .. whatever makes it special using once more .. an AI-assisted, professionally crafted video script.

  • Offer your online visitors a compelling story of the practical, unique advantages your product offers. 

  • This is where your product's story comes to life, engaging the viewer and educating them about features and benefits. 

  • By helping them make an informed decision, you increase their desire and commitment to purchase, sign up or opt-into your offerings.


Now repeat this process for each product category / each product  / each product aspect feature & benefit.

  • If your product is complex there is usually more than one aspect that your potential customers want to be educated about. 

  • Each aspect needs its own features and benefits video. 

  • AiBusiness.Technology uniquely positioned to evolve your business.


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Ai Video Presenters for Smart Watch Demo

How to determine the number of Ai Presenter Videos for your Business?


  1. A welcome and overall introduction to your online business is recommended.

  2. For each category, an Video Explainer to that category of products and services removes hesitation and builds on a relationship and confidence, in your professionalism. 

  3. Now, In that category,  each “aspect” of each product requires its own Feature and Benefits Video to deepen the interest.

  4. To earn the confidence and trust of your potential customer, it’s best that you educate them about ‘ALL’ the aspects of each one of your products.  

  5. Get the idea? Repeat step 2 and 3 and so on.

Wizard our Ai Chatbot can help you with calculating how many videos are needed.  Simply list out each aspect of each product for him.


  • Your benefits are to Massively increase conversions into sales, opt-ins, sign-ups.

  • Take the smart approach and reap the ongoing rewards.

  • Be better than all your competitors for share of wallet.


Order your Ai Presenter Videos, now!

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