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We will produce an Ai assisted script to professionally promote your business as follows:


Professionally Crafted Videos scripted by human expertise & refined by our Ai to deliver your precise message consistently.


Articulate Your Unique Selling Points: Tell us about your product's features, benefits, and any special qualities. Whether it's an explainer about your idea, service, or a warm welcome for website visitors, we ensure your business stands out.


One Tailored Video: Approximately 45-59 second video designed to engage and convert your audience.






1. Choose your exact model.

The chosen model number shows the model image.

Example is Ai Video Presenter Xia Lin : Model Number 3


2. Ai Presenter Video Spoken Content Instructions:

Verbatim Delivery: If you have a specific script in mind and want the AI presenter to follow it word for word, select this option.

Expertly Crafted Messaging: Prefer to leverage our expertise? Choose this option, and our team will use its proven capabilities to create a powerful, persuasive script.



3. Voice Style:

Depending on what you think would be ideal to represent your Brand/Product/Style

If unsure, allow us to select the right tone in sync with your offering (last choice in drop down)



4. Product Features & Benefits OR Explainer OR Welcome your website visitors:

Basic ideas in bullet points in 500 characters of less.

Approximately 80 keywords or less.

Don't worry about syntax or sentence structure.

We research into your Brand/Website/Offering to professionally articulate your pitch.



5. We produce your Ai Presenter Video

We need 5-10 working days to process your content as instructed.

Prep the Ai Presenter & email the completed Video

Put it on your website nex to your Brand & Products & share it on Social Media.

Ai Video Presenter Xia Lin

  • Depends on your Business offerings.

    If your business has 1 product that is simple to explain, you might choose to order 3 Ai Video Presenters:

    1] Welcome to my Brand.

    2] My only product feature/benefit.

    3] Any additional information.

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