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What's Our Story

A Journey of a Thousand miles started quite a while ago .. but not that far away.

We are fuelled by a strong desire to evolve how people get information about a product or service features & benefits on a website or on an App.

Today's websites are not that different from how they were at the beginning except for the beautiful images, fonts or a few videos.


We wish to infuse expertise and frictionless communication to educate the end users about the unique features of products and services being offered. The only way is to have a professionally trained Ai to answer questions and gently nudge the user to a conclusion: take up the offering or not.

This is where we come in.

Our Ai Chatbot is professionally trained with a curated selection of data and information relating to your business, products and services. 

Any other Ai Chatbot self serve is more like a high school graduate with no professional nor vocational training. Anyone has potential but few can learn on their own and guess what you are trying to educate your customers. They don't have a mind of their own to figure that out.

The more we train and infuse the Ai chatbot with an appropriate personality, the better the customer interactions leading to your customers making an educated decision to take a valuable action.

Humans cannot operate at consistent levels of peak performance all day everyday. 

We wanted to scale down operational expenses away from total reliance on humans to perhaps focusing on servicing your customers, investing in capital investments, R&D or to your bottom line.

By working with us, we can address all your pain points, collaborate on best fit solutions that expend beyond just an Ai Chatbot. 

Start that new journey of a thousand miles,today. We travel at Warp speed .. so buckle up!

About Us

Between 2010 and 2018, the current AiBusiness.Technology Team ran a successful full solutions Marketing Consulting & Execution firm from 3 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangkok, Thailand. We ran World-Wide Digital campaigns in over 12 other countries.

We led demand generation programmes for mid to large sized companies including leading Intel’s IOT Demand Generations as their preferred supplier for several years.

Expertise : Capability : Execution

Digital Marketing ROI Team was a collective of highly effective business professionals who use best practice in the use of Technology to optimise your Prospect Velocity down our clients sales funnel.

We leveraged decades of consulting experience from having worked with the top 50 largest clients in the world to apply our expertise in your business.

Today this maturity in best practice is applied to developing Ai first Business Communication in Online Sales & Service

Today, The founding partners offer over 26 years of combined senior business experience working with Global fortune 500 companies. 

Meet The Executive Foundation Team

Daniel Yen
  • LinkedIn

Daniel Yen Founder Decades long career advising & running programmes for 50+ Fortune 500 companies on Revenue Augmentation Strategies, Competitive Positioning & Leveraging leading edge digital Technologies to gain the competitive edge. Executing sales funnel optimization & customer retention Strategy lead, my team ran Full Digital Campaigns on SEM, Display, reTargeting, Retention, Attribution Modeling, eMail & extensive Micro-site development strategy/build regionally in APAC for some like Intel. Consulting for Global corporations, Organisations & 3 ministries in Singapore & 2 government Departments in Australia previously, I also offered advice on digital strategy & competitive analytics to local companies like Woolworths, Raine & Horne, Commonwealth Bank & during my time as Country Manager, then Regional Director for Experian Hitwise prior to Digital Marketing ROI Synopsis of my career to date: Developed an attribution analytics architecture for optimizing digital marketing campaigns. Created IIVA, Intelligent & Interactive Virtual Assistant to automate the online sales & business development process so as to exceed the real life buying experience. Innovating Demand Generation Strategy & program execution for Intel APAC Embedded Intelligence, delivering full Digital Solutions: tailored Webinars, SEM, Display, eDM, Social Media etc. Developing customer acquisition solutions for Technology clients like Element14 (Publicly traded electronics distributor). Driving Campaign directives for Travel, eCommerce & Financial clients Revenue & Growth, I achieved through a network of connections, Partnership & Strategic Alliances, Integrated Sales Strategies and Execution, managing R&D budgets, & outsourcing non-key functions. Peer endorsed expertise in Digital Marketing, Communications & Brand Development using Rich Display Ads, SEM, Socializing values, “Guerilla Marketing” Some of the tools I used were competitive intelligence, site analytics, tag management, HTML5 Web Apps development, Prospect Scoring Algorithm formulation & Display reTargeting.

Amanda Shan
  • LinkedIn

Amanda Shan Acting CFO As Campaign Director for our go-to-market Media Campaigns, I led the digital strategy and execution for over 50 clients during my tenure at Digital Marketing ROI. I interfaced directly with clients and led my team, hands-on on delivering outcomes for mid to large Multinational clients as you can see below. My journey has taken me from serving as a Deputy General Manager in transport logistics at Jardine to steering the operations of a digital marketing firm as a COO. I've also delved into the intricate world of finance as a Finance Director in a university and ventured into auditing with Price Waterhouse. My global perspective has been shaped by my experiences in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and China. These international exposures have given me a unique insight into various markets, enabling me to bring a global view to our endeavours. With a foundation in finance, a background in auditing, and a knack for optimising digital marketing strategies, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. Now, as the COO of this AI technology firm, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. I am committed to integrating my diverse experiences into our operations, ensuring innovation, and excellence in every venture we undertake.

From Digital Marketing ROI

Now @ AiBusiness.Technology

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